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New Mexico: 2017 Regular Session Adjourns
March 20, 2017

Lawmakers completed the 2017 regular session on Saturday, after reaching an agreement on a $6.1 billion budget that includes $350 million in tax increases and a measure that changes the gross receipts tax law. Governor Susana Martinez (R) has indicated she will veto the budget, making a subsequent special session very likely in the near future. Legislators also approved the creation of an independent ethics commission ballot measure for 2018, limits on the small-loan industry to help consumers, more campaign finance disclosures for so-called “dark money” groups, and an increase in the minimum wage (which Martinez has also vowed to veto).

As the session ended, lawmakers were unable to reach an agreement on capping interest on payday loans, background checks on most firearms transactions, and expanded early childhood education. Governor Martinez, who possesses a pocket veto, has until April 7 to sign or veto legislation that reaches her desk.

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