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Maryland: 2017 Session Adjourns
April 11, 2017

Lawmakers completes the 2017 regular session late Monday evening after approving a measure to allow the state attorney general to sue drug companies for price gouging, prohibit colleges from inquiring about a potential student’s criminal background, and allow beekeepers to shoot invasive bears. Legislators also approved a limit on the number of standardized tests in a year, a fracking ban, and a prohibition on poultry firms from routine antibiotic treatments to chickens, and increased funding for heroin addiction.

As the session ended, lawmakers were unable to reach an agreement on medical marijuana expansion, an independent redistricting commission, and a measure to prohibit local law enforcement from cooperating with federal authorities on illegal immigration matters. Governor Larry Hogan (R), who does not possess a  pocket veto, has until May 30 to sign or veto legislation that reaches his desk.

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